Friday, February 1, 2013

'Bowled Over' by CIPR Chairman's Award

Congratulations to our fabulous colleague - Kelly McKee who picked up the CIPR Chair's Award for 2012 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the industry and to the NI CIPR Committee.

Speaking at the recent AGM, the words of outgoing Chair Gillian Shields says it all - "Kelly is without doubt one of the most talented young PR professionals I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with. She has been a huge support to me in organising and promoting all of this years events, both in securing sponsorship and in supporting the management of these events.

Her attitude, understanding and passion for the industry is unquestionable and their willingness to throw all that they have at any challenge has unaltered throughout the year."

This comes as no surprise to the rest of us who work with Kelly every day and the award is well deserved. We are all just wondering what she is going to do with the massive crystal bowl - she tells us it only holds four bottles of wine ! 

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